Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to have a GS?

No! All bikes of all brands are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Do I have to do this in Southern California?

No! While some locations may be more difficult to find, most of them can be found anywhere in the USA. You may participate from anywhere in the country.

Do I have to do this in the USA?

Yes and no. You can participate anywhere in the world, but you will not be eligible to win any of the prizes unless you are in the United States. It’s a super fun event, and you’ll earn bragging rights amongst your friends.

Do I need to purchase anything to win?

No. No purchase is necessary. You must participate in the Rally to receive points. Anyone who collects a minimum number of points during the Rally is automatically entered to win the new BMW G 310 GS.

Can I cheat?

No. Any attempt at cheating, Photoshopping, picture editing, or subversion of the rules and spirit of the contest will disqualify you.
Please don’t cheat. This is a fun event. Photos are submitted live. We reserve the right to review EXIF data to verify the authenticity of the images.

How do I report the photos and locations?

The primary way to report the photos is through your Instagram account. Make a post using provided hashtags and a brief description. If you are not on Instagram, you may email the photos along with identifiers to earn points.

When can I do the Rally?

You can choose any 8-hour block from Friday November 6th to Sunday, November 8th.

How do I start the Irv Seaver GS40 Rally?

Fill up your bike’s gas tank and get a printed receipt. That’s when the clock starts. Participants must post a photo with a time-stamped gasoline receipt alongside the bike’s odometer readout.

Can I do this with friends?

Yes. It’s best to have periodic meetups, rather than compete as a group. If you participate as a group everything will take much longer. Also, prizes are awarded individually.
It’s recommended that you run this solo or with only one other person.

May I participate with a passenger?

Certainly! The passenger must also register.

When do I get the list of Items, Places, or Circumstances?

About a week before the event start, so about October 30th. We’ll email all participants their scorecard and a demo Rally Flag. This point will include some bonus points that can and should be achieved before the official rally start.

Is there a theme to the Irv Seaver ’40 Years of GS’ Rally?

Um… Yes! It’s celebrating 40 Years of the GS Motorcycle.

Do I need to have a motorcycle to participate?

This question takes a bit to answer. It’s a motorcycle rally… But… Some of the points, places, or circumstances participants need to photograph do not require your motorcycle in the shot.
It’s possible to achieve enough points to be entered in the drawing for the New BMW G 310 GS without being on a motorcycle. We may even have a prize category for the most points without a motorcycle. The prize may be a CSMP Total Control Training Class. Working on it.

During the Irv Seaver ’40 Years of GS’ Rally, will you offer food and drinks?

Yes! Each day we’ll send a team member out with a truck full of food, snacks, and goodies. Those places and times will be clearly documented. You will even earn points for taking a photo with the team member.

I work for (ahem…) another BMW Motorrad dealer. Can I still participate?

Yes, you absolutely can participate. BMW North America employees, BMW Motorrad employees, and BMW Motorrad Dealer employees are ineligible to win the G 310 GS (You’ll have to get your own from your boss!)