Rally Rules and Terms and Conditions

Any questions about the Rules, Terms and Conditions may be addressed to the Rallymaster prior to the start of the event. You may also post your questions to the IrvSeaver GS40 Rally Facebook Page.  Questions are encouraged.


  1. Motorcycles must have current registration and have a valid motorcycle license plate.
  2. All riders Must have valid insurance.  Riders must carry insurance and proof of insurance as required by law.
  3. A valid driver’s license (or permit) with a motorcycle endorsement is required to participate.
  4. Riders must wear a Helmet. Sure, It’s the law in California, but not in every state. Regardless of your state laws, you must wear a DOT helmet while participating in the Irv Seaver GS40 Rally.
  5. Each participant must submit a signed Release of Liability. Please use this link to sign the Release of Liability electronically. You may also download the form and return it by mail or in-person. Failure to complete the Release of Liability before the Rally start results in disqualification. You will not be eligible to participate in the rally or win the prizes. No Exceptions.
  6. Motorcycle must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and Local requirements.
  7. Motorcycles with sidecars and three-wheeled motorcycles are welcome to participate.


  1. Please act in a sportsman-like fashion at all times during the Irv Seaver GS40 Rally.
  2. Any attempt at cheating, even to the degree that you do not understand the rules, will result in point penalties up to immediate disqualification.
  3. In order to claim points for a location, riders must first have actually traveled to that location. Photographs of the location, subject, or item with the rally flag and rider’s full face must appear in the photograph in order to earn the points. Read the descriptions carefully to see if your motorcycle must appear in the photo.
  4. Claim all points on your scorecard. Once you submit your Rally scorecard to the judges for scoring, you may not claim points or make any additional entries in the Score Sheet.
  5. During the event, riders may not travel with persons not entered in the event. For example, your cousin may not ride his motorcycle with you during the rally, unless your cousin also entered in the rally.
  6. Your friends may not follow you while you run the rally. Additionally, do NOT add passengers along the way, unless they previously registered.
  7. On-street stunting, wheelies, burnouts, reckless riding, and other similar conduct by a rider will result in immediate disqualification of the rider. If you want to put on a private show on a closed course, go right ahead.


  1. Failure to render aid to a participant or the public under emergency or life-threatening conditions.
  2. Violation of any of the Rules set forth herein.
  3. The Irv Seaver GS40 Rally is a rally, not a race. Excessive speeding is not necessary. Please don’t break laws for this.
  4. Any acts that result in negative publicity or image for the rally, such as littering at locations and checkpoints.
  5. Acts that endanger the general public, spectators or participants.
  6. Discourtesy to staff, sponsors, or other participants.
  7. Excessive citations or gross misconduct. Things happen, we understand. Receiving more than one citation during the Irv Seaver GS40 Rally disqualifies a rider.

III. Rally Flags

  1. Every rider receives a Rally Flag and number prior to the start of the rally. Each Flag is unique to the rider to whom it’s issued. Please print multiple copies in multiple sizes, in the event one is lost.
  2. Two-up riders should each have their own flag for the Rally.
  3. Each rider’s Rally Flag, including the number imprinted on the Flag, must appear clearly visible in the photographs submitted for points.

IV. Camera Usage

  1. All photos submitted are ideally posted to Instagram with your assigned hashtags. Alternatively, photos can be emailed to Scoring@IrvSeavergs40.com.
  2. If you upload your photos by email, please reduce the size to ‘Large’ or no bigger than 1920×1080.
  3. All photos must contain the EXIF Metadata including time, date, and location. These are on, by default.
  4. All digital photos submitted for scoring shall be in the format as originally recorded by the camera, with no post-processing, editing, manipulation, alteration, cropping, resizing, or enhancement applied.
  5. All submitted Irv Seaver GS40 Rally photos become the property of Irv Seaver Motorcycles. Irv Seaver Motorcycles reserves the right to use submitted photos in future promotion of events or any other way without additional compensation. 
  6. Any photos submitted after the 8th hour of the rally submission or 11:59 PM November 8th are ineligible. An exception will be made if you are out of mobile range, but please don’t abuse this.

V. General Guidelines for the Irv Seaver GS40 Rally

  1. Registrants must be in good health and able to participate.
  2. Please only register for the rally if you intend to participate. We are NOT charging an entry fee for the rally. In exchange, please honor your commitment to participate in the rally.
  3. Allow time to eat and rest. Remember that every location, even a gas stop, takes time. Don’t forget to add in a minimum of ten minutes for every item – no matter how simple it may appear.
  4. Account for the weather and traffic when planning your route! It’s your responsibility to determine your own skill level. Plan a route on roads, in traffic, and through weather that you are comfortable and confident riding in.
  5. This event happens regardless of the weather. This is part of the planning process you must figure out. You can start later or on a different day to wait out bad weather.
  6. There is no allowance for road conditions, including but not limited to road construction, closures, traffic delays of any kind, or law enforcement activities at rally points or locations.

VI. Other Provisions

  1. Prize contests are open to United States Residents only. While you are welcome to participate from anywhere in the world, prizes must be picked up or shipped to a US address.
  2. The winner of the new BMW G 310 GS must pick up the motorcycle, in person, from Irv Seaver BMW in Orange County, CA. Prize winners are responsible for tax, license, and registration.
  3. No purchase is necessary to participate or compete for a prize.
  4. Scoresheets are the property of Irv Seaver BMW once submitted for scoring.
  5. No persons other than the Rallymasters shall have the authority to change or alter these rules. 
  6. Any and all disputes under these rules shall be resolved by the Rallymasters, whose decision is FINAL.
  7. Riders may withdraw from the rally at any time for any reason. Riders voluntarily withdrawing from the rally shall not lose any accumulated points. There are no make-up days.
  8. Riders may choose to run the rally multiple times over the November 6-8, 2020 weekend. If you intend to re-run the rally, please notify the rally masters by email. We’ll issue a new Rally flag and number for those who wish to participate multiple times.
  9. Report any rules violations or cheating that you become aware of to the Rallymasters. 
  10. Please practice good health etiquette and social distancing while participating in the Irv Seaver GS40 Rally. We ask you to wear a mask when around others.
  11. The Irv Seaver ’40 Years of GS’ Rally is meant for fun, and to encourage motorcycle riding. Please respect the Rally Rules and the Terms and Conditions.
  12. Employees of BMW North America, BMW Motorrad, and BMW Motorrad Dealers are ineligible to win the BMW G 310 GS. Your participation is welcome but it needs to be just for fun and glory.

Please Ask Questions!

If you have any questions about the Rally, the rules, or the terms and conditions, please notify us immediately by email. Any questions about the locations or items, or anything else, are also welcome. Please email the Rallymaster with any queries, concerns, or special requests. The FAQ section answers most questions.

Remember this is fun. Yes there’s some healthy competition, but it’s all in the spirit of fun.